Innovation Grants

Each year, Yahara WINS offers grants to support low-cost, innovative project that help reduce phosphorus runoff into local waterways.
Since 2013, Yahara WINS has offered innovation grants as part of an effort to reduce phosphorus through low-cost methods. These grants are intended to help support new or untested water quality improvement projects that support the reduction of phosphorus making its way to water bodies.

Applications are accepted in march

Innovation Grant FAQs

Proposed projects can target either agricultural runoff or urban stormwater, the two primary contributors of phosphorus to waterways. Projects should be relatively new or untested and have compelling value as a test case. The projects are not required to take place in the Yahara watershed as long as the lessons learned can be applied in the watershed.
Yahara WINS typically invests $50,000 in its Innovation Grant program annually. The maximum award for a single project is $10,000.

Applications are typically available in January of each year, with applications due in March or April. 

Recent examples include demonstration projects on new agricultural practices, improved and innovative leaf management techniques, and whole pond alum treatment.

When applications are available for the Innovation Grant program each year, the materials will be available at the bottom of this page.

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Funding requests

The Yahara WINS Executive Committee will consider any request for funding to reduce phosphorus outside the Innovation Grant Program if funds are available. Contact us for information.