Success Stories

A hallmark of Yahara WINS is challenging the status quo. The project’s structure of watershed adaptive management allows for creativity and flexibility in how we approach water quality challenges, which are becoming increasingly vital in the face of a changing climate. Lessons from these projects are expanding the options we can use to protect our rivers and streams.

Alum treatment helped to significantly clear the water in this pond

Stormwater basin treatment to reduce algae

A project funded with a Yahara WINS grant tested out a method for mitigating phosphorus in urban stormwater retention basins. Many practices in Yahara WINS are focused on preventing phosphorus from entering water bodies, but once phosphorus has already made it into a waterway, it can keep fueling algae growth unless removed or transformed. In

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A tractor turns manure to assist with composting.

Yahara Pride Farms composting study

A two-year manure composting study project was completed in 2019. This project, funded jointly by Yahara WINS, Dane County, Clean Lakes Alliance and Yahara Pride Farms, had a goal of making both manure storage and transportation more feasible for farmers. Raw manure is high in water, which means manure storage pits fill quickly and that

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A aerial view of the Pheasant Branch conservancy in autumn.

Dane County innovative practices in 2019

Dane County has been a leader in runoff control practices, both as a Yahara WINS partner and through county-led initiatives. In 2019, Dane County continued its “Suck the Muck ” initiative, which involves removal of phosphorus-rich sediment from stream bottoms to stop the continued release of phosphorus into the stream. Following a successful first phase,

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